Laredo's Best Pizza

Consistently voted "best pizza", Wizard Wicks Pizza has long been a staple for locals in Laredo, Texas. Originally established in October 1966, the name Wizard Wicks comes from the then-owner's nickname while serving as a commanding officer in the Navy. This first location later closed in the 80s, but the owners always dreamed of reopening. Luckily their son, Eric Wickstrom, was able to keep that dream alive, by opening the new iteration of Wizard Wicks Pizza in 2016.

Eric Wickstrom began making pizzas for family and friends as a hobby after finding the recipe his parents used at their original restaurant. His delicious pizzas caused a buzz, and soon there was such high demand for Eric's homemade pizzas, he thought he would give it a try and reopen Wizard Wick's Pizza. What began as a small, modest pizza place quickly grew into what is now a busy, vibrant go-to in Laredo.
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People come from far and wide to see the new version of their old favorite, and to taste the classic and delicious offerings only found at Wizard Wicks. Featuring local art, live local music, outdoor seating and great pizzas, Wizard Wicks Pizza is keeping a family tradition alive.